The teams selected for the Regional Intercentre Tournament  being played in Nelson on the 19th  March are :

Women :   Singles - C Bennett ( Blaketown) ,  Pairs:  P Holmwood & M Matheson ( Cobden)

                  Fours: M McGee ( Karoro), Y Fitzgerald ( Karoro),  D Ford , N Johnson  ( Hokitika)

Men:        Singles - J Forsyth ( Blaketown)

                 Pairs- E Kelleher, H Kelleher ( Cobden)

                 Fours- John Aynsley , S Aynsley ( Dobson), J Lynch ( Blaketown), A Kearns ( Hokitika)

The team selected for  Wilson Shield  to be played on December the 11th  at the Karoro Green are as follows :

 L Leach, D Ford, M Matheson, C Bennett

P Holmwood, M McGee, Y Fitzgerald, K Paterson 

M Jacobs,  P Bang, N Johnsen, S Pascoe

The team  selected for the Buchanan Cup to be played at the Karoro Green on the 11th December is as follows:

 J Lynch, R Fraser (snr), M Whitehead, T Campbell

A Kearns, K Smythe, O Matheson, M Ross

T Pascoe, H Kelleher, B Parlane, C Forsyth

A Haslam, B Johnson,  C Schroder, N Kelleher

J Forsyth, P Sinnott,  R Fraser (Jnr), S Smith