Team for the Nobel Adams  to be played in Murchison on Sat  25th November

1.  Ethan Kelleher(s) Shaun Aynsley,  Dwayne Todd, Nigeal Kelleher

2. John Lynch ( S), Antony Haslem, Chris Fauth, Andy Kearns

3. Bruce McNish, Trevor Pascoe, Owen Matheson, Lee Coram

4. John Aynsley, Jackie Lee, Mike Jacobs , Mark Bain

Manager: Mike Dunn

Team for the Higgins Shield to be played in Murchison on Sun 26th November

1. Loretta Leach (s), Karen Paterson, Linda Simpson

2. Madeline Mcgee(s) , Diane Ford . Ngaire Tinning

3  F Kerr(s),Carol Bennett, Michelle Matheson

4 Nicola Johnsen, Yvonne Fitzgerald, Mary Fittock