4th - Lamont Challenge Fours & McPhee                                     Shield

13th & 14th    - King of the Coast 

17th & 18th  - Pop Castle  Triples  Entries close  12th November

20th & 21st - Westland Funeral Services Interclub 7's 

25th - Heslin Pairs  & ABC Challenge Mixed Pairs 

27th  Hines Men's Junior Pairs  Entries close 22nd November

28th - Louis  Zampese Junior  Womens Singles Entries close 22nd Nov

29th - Gary Pascoe  Junior Men's Singles  Entries close 22nd Nov


4th & 5th  Champ of Champ  Pairs  ( M&W)

15th& 16th - McKay Pairs ( W) Entries close  9th December

18th & 19th - Champ of Champ Pairs ( M&W)


1st & 2nd - Centre 2x4x2 Mixed Pairs  Entries close 24th December

22nd &23rd  -Champ of Champ Fours (M&W)

29th&30th -Champ of Champ Singles ( M&W)

​​​​​​​ FEBRUARY​​​​​​​

11th-13th  WC Mens Open Fours 

15th- 17th  WC Women's Open Fours 


12th &13th - Champ of Champ Triples ( M&W)

26th &27th - Finals Day