Champion of Champions     Played at Cobden on 26th  March

    Singles :      W - Carol Bennett  ( B)            M -  Jarod Forsyth   ( B)

     Pairs:          W - Diane Ford & Cathy Richards  (H)     M-  Hamish Kelleher & Ken Smythe  (C)

     Triples :      W  Nicola Johnsen, Colleen Fretias & Mary Fittock  (H)                                                                                                    Hamish, Ethen & Nigeal Kelleher   ( C)

    Fours :         W   Loretta Leach, Carol Bennett, Linda Simpson, Joyce Crimmons    (B)                                                                          M  Shaun Aynsley, Merv Pascoe, Troy Campbell , Barry Campbell  (D)

Centre  Open Events  Played at Cobden on 26th  March

  Singles :      W    Carol Bennett   ( B)          M    John Lynch   (B)

  Pairs :          W     Loretta Leach, Carol Bennett  ( B)           M   John Lynch , Micael  Dunn  (B)

 Triples:        W     Loretta Leach, Carol Bennett, & Sonia Pascoe (B)                                                                              

                       M   John Lynch, Michael Dunn , Barry Parlane  (B)     

Fours :          W   Loretta Leach , Sue Martin, Carol Bennett, , Sonia Pascoe   (B)

                      M  John Lynch, Jarrad Forsyth, Cooper Forsyth, Micael Dunn (B)

Westland Funeral Services Interclub 7's  played  on the 19th November at Blaketown & Dobson

                   W   Madeline  McGee, Yvonne Fitzgerald, Dorothy Dowell,  Marj Curtain , M Bryant  (C)

                  M   Hamish Kelleher, Nigeal Kelleher, Ethan Kelleher, Antony Haslam, Ken Smythe,                              

                        Dwayne  Todd, Owen Matheson   (C)

Centre  Mixed Pairs played on the 1st January  at Blaketown

                       John Lynch & Carol Bennett   ( B)

Junior Singles  played  on the 15th January  at Hokitika

                 W  Nicola Johnsen   (H)                    M  Peter Hynds

McKay Pairs played  on the 24th February   at Karoro

                      Kath Rodgers , Dot Bostwick  (H)

Pop Castle  Triple played on the 15th November at Blaketown

                     Loretta Leach, Margaret Jacobs,Sue Martin   ( B0