Centre Events Finals ;  Played at Dobson on the 27th  March

 Singles :         Men-   Martin Ross ( Hokitika)

                        Women - Carol  Bennett  ( Blaketown)

Pairs:             Men -  Mike Dunn, John Lynch   ( Blaketown)

                      Women- Pip Holmwood , Michelle Matjheson  ( Cobden)

Triples:         Men _  John Lynch,, Chris Fauth,  Barry Parlane  ( Blaketown)

                     Women - Pip Holmwood, , Pauline Bang, Michelle Matheson  ( Cobden)

 Fours:         Men  -  Shaun Aynsley,  John Aynsley,  Troy Campbell, Merv Pascoe ( Dobson)

                     Women-  Margaret Jacobs, Sue Martin, Colleen Lalor, Carol Bennett ( Blaketown)

Champion of Champion  Finals :Played at Dobson on 26th March

 Singles :     Men - Hamish Kelleher ( Cobden)

                    Women - Pip Holmwood  ( Cobden)

Pairs :         Men -  John Aynsly & Shaun Aynsley  ( Dobson)

                   Women - Karen Paterson & Nicola  Johnson

Triples :     Men- Ethen Kelleher, Hamish Kelleher , Nigeal Kelleher  ( Cobden)

                   Women - Pauline Bang,  Sylvia  Goodall, Marie Bryant  ( Cobden)

Fours:       Men-  Jared Forsyth, Mike Dunn, Barry Parlane, Graeme Forsyth  ( Blaketown)

                  Women- Pip Holmwood, Ngarie  Tinning, Pauline  Bang, Michelle Matheson ( Cobden)                                                               -----

McKay Pairs - Played at Karoro on the 15th '16th December  was won by  M Matheson &   P Holmwood                    

 Gary Pascoe  Men's Junior  Singles - played at the  Hokitika green on the 29th November was won by  Tom Paterson 

Louis  Zampese  Junior Singles -played at the  Hokitika green   on the 29th November was won by Nicola Johnsen , the runner up was  Mary Fittock .

Westland Funeral Services  Interclub 7's - played at Blaketown  and Hokitika Greens on  Saturday  the 20th   was won by :  Men -   Cobden  ;    Women -  Blaketown

Pop  Castle Triples  played at Karoro on Thursday 18th  was won by the team of ,  M Jacobs, A Prendergast and  S Martin .  Runner up was the team of  M McGee, , M Keating and V McGowan